Bachelor dating exploit guide her inner professional psycho

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Bachelor dating exploit guide her inner professional psycho

What I can assure you of is that it’s highly likely that whatever they’re targeting about you is really about them.

They’re chopping at you because they’ve been chopped at for the same thing, or they’re chopping at you because on some level they envy you but rather than assert these qualities in themselves, they’d rather knock them out of you.

When you hear them saying it out loud, it’s your worst fears in 3D. I’m not good enough because I don’t have the right body.

Even if some of the things that the Chopper says are not true or are stupid, if some of the other things they say tap into your fears, you may start to believe the lies or think the stupid stuff is important.

It came out of left field and was completely untrue. ” and you’re thinking What the hell are they talking about? I can feel it.” Eventually it’s likely to be them cheating on you.

“You’re not as clever as you think you are you know….” “I prefer a woman with bigger breasts / white / Christian…” and you have smaller breasts or are not white or are a different religion.

I’ve met and read about a number of people who’ve been involved with a ‘Chopper’, someone who finds your ‘hot spots’ or makes them up (yes really) and engages in criticism and mind games to knock you off your centre and chop you down.

They’ll drain you of your confidence, weaken your defences, and bolster their own weak selves by chopping at you to ‘level’ you or even elevate themselves.

They know that they have you where they want you when you’re defending yourself instead of seeing this as a code red.

Another person would be empathetic and wouldn’t judge you – they’ll seize it as a weapon to use against you.

You might be vulnerable simply because you are already emotionally invested and you really don’t want to have to start over again or admit that you’ve moved too fast or made an error in judgement.

Choppers and their manipulative, abusive behaviour are insidious – their true selves creep up on you and by the time you accept what you’re dealing with, they’ve often robbed you of the strength to leave.

Why does someone want to chop you down and even more importantly, how can you end up being sucked in by a Chopper and believing their crap?

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Don’t get it twisted – being involved with a Chopper is a form of abusive relationship.

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