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Sex is cheap — in a variety of ways and because of several developments I highlight., you present a “brave new world” of sexual relations that is also a very sad new world, particularly for women who are “learning to have sex like men” but also end up being subjugated to men’s interests.Mark Regnerus was trained as a sociologist of religion beginning in 1995 and added the study of sexual relationship behavior about a decade later.Although his research reveals a world that is not what he as a Catholic would like it to be, he believes that, as Pope Leo XIII wrote in “Nothing is more useful than to look upon the world as it really is.” “I always want to know the truth about things,” Regnerus says, “and in these domains there is a great deal of misinformation, sculpted narratives and idealistic theorizing going on.On the other hand, presuming the sex act is malleable by fiat and subject to bureaucratic oversight is utter hubris.And how many new administrative positions will that require?They want men to act better, but are unwilling to admit that men are more apt to do the right thing when they are socially constrained, not just individually challenged.

Lots of people would prefer I not speak of sex in an economic fashion. I can agree that sex should not be “cheap,” but I would disagree with any suggestion that sex has nothing to do with exchange. One of the central arguments of the book, and it isn’t that surprising, is that little is actually required of men today, on average.

I say in the book that “hook-up culture” and “rape culture” are both children of the same parent — the split, gender-imbalanced mating market upon which I elaborate extensively.

College administrators remain unwilling to wrestle with the dark side of human personhood, concluding instead that enforcing speech laws will reform people’s motivations and actions.

The wealthy, of course, manage to figure out how to exploit new opportunities provided by the new regime.

For example, real estate in urban cores is exploding in price as more couples work and delay childbearing — a result of the uptake of the pill. And, yes, many lose something: Stay-at-home mothers struggle for the respect they perceive is given to career-focused women.

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I know what will happen — the recession in marriage that is now occurring will only get worse.

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