Emotional predators dating

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Emotional predators dating

The victims generally don’t let anybody in, and they suffer in silence.

Through a process of emotional harassment or psychological abuse, an individual can cause someone else to break down.

Their objective is the emotional, personal, psychological, and social break-down of their victims, and at worst, they have been known to make people choose to end their lives.

They are individuals who feel greatly inferior, although they don’t give off this impression, because they prefer to present themselves as arrogant and ostentatious.

Worldwide, a woman dies every day due to domestic homicide. It is a plague on society worldwide, causing devastation and ruining lives of men and women.

Abuse is an equal opportunity scourge, abusers don't care what color, nationality, religion, age, health condition or socio-economic status, or gender the victim is, the only prerequisite a victim must have is a heart and empathy.

A look, a word, or even a simple insinuation can be enough to start a self-destructive process in somebody else.

I’ve intentionally selected sharks for my analogy here because the behavioral patterns of sharks can show up in interactions between those in the dating pool.

Just like how in nature there are predators who hunt down and kill other animals for food, among humans you can find similar behavior, known as emotional harassment, undertaken by emotional predators onto their victims.

Emotional harassment and psychological abuse can happen in any environment, such as in a relationship, at work, within the family, or in a group of friends.

I want to make it perfectly clear that I am well aware of the fact that female abusers exist and cause just as much devastation as their male counterparts.

A woman dies at the hands of her significant other every 6 days, and when you look at the stats for the whole world it is even more bleak.

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SANCTUARY FOR THE ABUSED: Articles, clickable links & resources for victims & survivors.

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