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The letter B was skipped because the letter A was used for 18 months and the letters I, O and Q were also skipped to avoid any confusion being mistaken for numbers.The serial number on a Marshall amp is usually located on the back panel of the chassis but some amplifiers made between 19 had the number on the front panel.By 1970 cabinets had all changed to check fret cloth.From this point onwards, Marshall amplifier history is much more easily accessible from the serial number and the inspection tag attached to every amp chassis.Fret cloth on cabinets changed to basket weave in late '67.1969 - New gold metal panels were introduced across all ranges.

The history of Marshall amplifiers has become a source of great fascination and interest over three decades.In 30 years of manufacturing we have made a vast number of different models using many materials and techniques.Documentation from those early years is virtually non-existent.Marshall Amplification began in 1962 in London England.It was here that I had a music shop and taught the drums.

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With each passing year more Marshall amplifiers achieve “classic” status.

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