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Twice-monthly updating service concerning legal, fiscal and accounting news according to the Client’s interests (Client: Private). Twice-monthly updating service concerning Health field related call for tenders and research bids at national and international level.(Clients: private “IRRCS”) Wwfoasi Bids and Fundings Monitoring.Our totally responsive website and app allow you to learn and test continuously on all devices!Whether it's core faculty engulfed in CGSO WC for faculty development, or professors using the readings and slide sets for teaching purposes, we offer CME exercises for all faculty using the CGSO resource! These case-based exercises focus on the ‘knowledge gaps’ and new evidence for each updated review.Goals: identification of information sources to be used by the business unit and implementation of a monitoring solution to notify interesting messages and content.The service enabled to keep track in real time of social networks and forums reporting relevant information to interested recipients (the right information to the right recipients) so avoiding unnecessary information overloading and optimizing acquisition of knowledge processes.Designed as both a reference tool and ready-to-use presentation sets, TSL features all graphics and illustrations from each reading in CGSO.The perfect tool for didactic sessions, weekly conference, and rounds!

The answers’ analysis provided interesting suggestions to the Client company and has been collected into structured monthly reports with comments and graphs.(Client: Private) Legal and Fiscal Monitoring.

Call for tenders and fundings monitoring supporting environment innovation and research activities.

Tender Watch - Realisation of a Web portal enriched with an automatic search and monitoring system of institutional web sites in the Defence sector.

The thoughtful ‘Rotating Residents’ track is a great feature for teaching and evaluating visiting trainees.

Advanced analytics with trainee and PD logbooks indicate strengths and deficiencies, along with Milestones and other GME tools.

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AOL Dangerous web sources identification to be used within a web pages filtering device for child protection requested by the Content Directorate.