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Prison inmate dating

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JANUARY BIRTHDAY' S The Inmates below are celebrating a birthday this month, send them a birthday note!!! Kristen Barr #1000317234 1/1 Megan Sanchez #1160043 1/16 Gary Godsey #0510426 1/1 Tabitha Gray #07754-003 1/16 Jorden Bogle #17277021 1/3 Cory Pilcher #16B1674 1/18 Joshua Haley #809269 1/4 Cyndi Coffman #W34001 1/19 Hasson Bacote #0796623 1/6 Brandon Silva #17914572 1/19 Christopher Qualls #383574 1/10 Jamie Mc Mahan #05327-030 1/19 Richard Scheper #1370377 1/10 Brandon Zareski #M-14444 1/19 Tequila Marsh #19330-075 1/12 Jason Mann #818778 1/20 Dustin Boggs #679887 1/12 Shannon Storm #1436252 1/26 David Collins 5594 1/12 Mark Browne #1084049-852926B 1/27 Clinton Heck #807946 1/13 Ju Dune Brown #19630-076 1/28 Douglas Bibbs #L1523 1/14 Robbie Mc Dowell , California A warm hello and welcome to my profile! I’m seeking super sweet, sincere, solid ladies without the games, head trips or drama. Demicko Thomas (44), Washington I don’t have anyone in my life to talk to, spend time with, share my thoughts with, have a relationship with.

If you do not have an existing account within Passions Network, then you can join Inmate Passions, and it will be FREE.

No upgrades will be required for you to have access to Inmate Passions. This option opens up access to over 260 active sites in the network (and extra features like ‘HIDE YOUR PROFILE’ and ‘SURF INCOGNITO’), but again, upgrading is not required.

You’ve listed all of the pros and cons and have ultimately decided, why not? Are the restrictions on your time, energy, emotions and other areas of your life limiting your desirability in “normal” dating situations?

You’ve decided there are good enough people in prison who may be worth a chance. Are you working on your self-esteem and, for now, need the safety, additional confidence and security that dating a prisoner might offer?

There are a number of options within Inmate Passions to help connect members, including the following: Inmate ‘Groups’ allow members to find others who share very specific interests / similarities.

I’m 5’2, 130lbs, 32-26-24, jet black hair, hazel eyes and beautiful white smile. Christopher Blauvelt , Virginia I write music and lyrics.

Welcome to Prison Inmates Online, the perfect place to "Write To Prisoners".

Have you ever wanted prison pen pals or to write a prisoner?

Here on our website we have over 3000 inmates who have posted profiles in search of finding a new friend to correspond with. Studies have shown that inmates who have pen pals or have continued correspondence with friends or loved ones have a lower recidivism rate than those who don’t.

So by becoming a pen pal to an inmate you are actually doing a good service to society.

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You’re one of those who has yet to find that person to walk your journey with.