Quickie hookups

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Quickie hookups

Something about him is different, kinda perfect and basically everything you ever wanted out of a man.

Or maybe it really is as great as you thought it would be!Arguably one of the best parts of college is being surrounded by thousands of campus cuties there for the picking.Talk about having plenty of fish in the sea—it’s like our own sushi buffet. However, there are certain hook-ups most of us can’t help but be guilty of. The “Friends With Benefits” Hook-up This is as classic as it gets: You guys are buddies, and that’s never gonna change. When it’s just the two of you, you have such an amazing sexual chemistry.Couple: Anastasia and CT Show: "Rivals II" Anastasia will infamously be remembered for trying to beat the crap out of CT, but before their confrontation, the two Challengers did a little bit of smoochin' in..same small hallway!Guess it's better than getting busy while someone's trying to sleep in a bed below you.

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