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Sneekydating com

Attraction is just the spice; the main fodder for sex is comfort.When attraction is amiss, you’re soon deported to the ‘lets-just-be-friends’ zone.Only when you have been together for months, had sex, had it dozens of times and are totally comfortable around each other would you do something as intimate as brushing off dirt of your girl’s eye. This is your secret psychological weapon that you can use to make a girl feel that she has been with your since ages.During your conversation, tell her to stay still and close her eyes.Let’s study the scenario of a typical first date with a typical woman.

If you have observed long-term couples together, you’ll notice a something very interesting.

Use it corrective and she will start feeling so very comfortable around you that a couple of dates are all it will take for her to decide that she wants to sleep with you.

This technique is about doing things ONLY done by the woman’s long-term boyfriend – someone she implicitly trusts.

Those who are familiar with seduction dynamics never fail to press the right buttons to get the girl fall madly and helplessly in love with them.

In order for a girl to typically have sex with a man, she needs to be able to feel extremely comfortable around him.

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They will hide crushes, flings and even previous partners from their significant other.